In order to take advantage of a great opportunity to advance your career, you have to be prepared… and that’s exactly what we can do for you at Wayne Russell Search Consultants. Not only do we have relationships with some of the most successful companies in your niches, but we also work to help those companies hire the best candidates available.

You will notice that our diagnostic questions during conversations with us are quite different than most of our competitors. We are interested in learning about your accomplishments, achievements, how you have impacted organizations throughout your career, and how you have made a difference in your profession. This matters to us, and to our clients.

As Career Advisors, we are keeping our candidates informed of industry trends and top-level assignments with leading companies to assist them in achieving their long-term career success. It is important to us to learn what your career goals are and how you define “success.” We are interested in proactively and purposely helping you plan out a career path by sharing our industry expertise, marketplace knowledge, and known opportunities. Additionally, our Search Consultants want to help you successfully align with market leaders in your chosen profession so that you can make strategic steps toward advancing your career.

By aligning yourself with us, you’ll have access to this expertise, so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you’ll be in an excellent position to seize that opportunity. Career advancement is all about being prepared, and Wayne Russell Search Consultants can help you do just that.

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